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Looking to build an app? Or a proprietary web platform? I am a developer specializing in iOS apps with a passion for simplicity, scalability, and reliability!

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I've been programming for 6 years, consulting for 5 years, and am constantly trying to further my knowledge and learning.

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Bulletproof Code

Anyone can write code that accomplishes a task. But stable reusable code is fairly uncommon. My programs are straightforward, stable, and purpose built!

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Featured Skills

Although I have many strengths, I believe the following are most relevant. Feel free to contact me with further questions!


When approaching a problem I always start off by analyze it and then I develop a strategy to quickly and elegantly solve it.


I always try and use the right tool for the job. That is why I am a proponent of native development.


A good design is the key to a successful app. When building an app or website I always start with finalized designs.


I try and use the latest technologies that will provide the end user with the best experience, while still use technologies that are maintainable well into the future.

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Feel free to reach out, I always love meeting new people and talking about new opportunities.